Mullite Lightweight Castable

  • Mullite Lightweight Castable

Product Description And Parameters

Main Composition:Al2O3

Application:Various industrial kilns

Capacity:1000 tons per month


Mullite lightweight castable is made of mullite hollow spheres, alumina hollow spheres, ultrafine powder, etc. and aluminate cement is added as the main binder.

1.Good insulation performance.
2.High Service temperature.
3.High strength.

It is suitable for use as the working lining of various industrial kilns and other high-temperature energy-saving parts.

Item CNMC-60 CNMC-65 CNMC-70
AL2O3 % 59~61 64~65 68~70
Bulk Density g/cm³(1000℃*3h) 1.25~1.4 1.45~1.5 1.5~1.6
Linear Change(Firing at 1350℃)% -(0.2~0.3) 0~-0.2 ±0.2
Modulus of Rupture(Firing at 1350℃) (Mpa) 1.5~2.5 2.5~3.5 3.0~4.5
Thermal Conductivity W/m.k(800℃) 0.4~0.45 0.45~0.5 0.5~0.55

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