Steel Fiber Castable

  • Steel Fiber Castable

Product Description And Parameters

Main Composition:SiO2 + Al2O3

Application:Steel and metallurgical, or other industrial kilns.

Main Raw Material:Bauxite


Package:Export ton bag

The main materials of steel fiber castables are special grade bauxite clinker, high-quality bauxite clinker and fine corundum powder. In production, it is necessary to add ultra-fine powder and other composite materials as binders and additives for steel fiber castables, and then add stainless steel heat-resistant fibers. Due to the addition of steel fibers, the overall strength of the furnace wall is greatly improved after the material is poured.

1.High Service Temperature.
2.Good wear resistance.
3.Long Service Life.

It is widely used in steel, metallurgy, chemical and building materials industries; in CFB boilers, it is often used in furnace outlets, side walls, tops, straight sections of cyclones, tops of cyclones, and return materials.

Item Steel Fiber castable
High Alumina Type Corundum Type
GF-15 GF-16 GF-17 GF-18S
Al2O3(%) 75 78 90 92
SiO2(%) 20 15 6 4
Bulk Density(g/cm3) 2.6 2.65 3.0 3.0
P.L.C.(%) 1100℃x3h -0.1~+0.3 -0.1~+0.3 -0.1~+0.3 -0.1~+0.3
1500℃x3h - - ±0.6 ±0.6
Cold Crushing Strength (MPa) 110℃x24h 80 100 100 100
1100℃x3h 80 100 100 100
Water Addition(%) 6~7 5.5~6.5 4.5~5.5 5~6

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