Fire Clay Brick

  • Fire Clay Brick

Product Description And Parameters

Main Composition:Al2O3≥35%

Application:Industrial Furnaces and Equipment

Raw Material:Chamotte Clay


Max Working Temperature:1200-1400℃

Capacity:3000 MT per month

Fire clay brick refers to the clay products with Al2O3 content of 30%~40%.Fire clay brick can resist the erosion of acid slag and acid gas; have good thermal performance and can withstand rapid cooling and rapid heating.

1.High fire resistance.
2.Dense bulk density, low porosity.
3.Excellent creep performance at high temperature and good bulk stability.

The fire clay bricks are mainly used for heat boiler, glass kiln, cement kiln, chemical fertilizer gasification furnace, blast furnace, hot blast furnace, coking furnace and electric furnace.

Item Common Fire Clay Brick
PN-35 PN-40 PN-42
Al2O3(%) 35 40 42
Fe2O3 (%)     2.0
Apparent Porosity(%) 26 (28) 24 (26) 20 (22)
Cold Crushing Strength(%) 30 (25) 35 (30) 45 (35)
0.2 MPa Refractoriness Under Load(℃) 1320 1350 1400
Permanent Linear Change(%) 1400℃*2hr -0.4~0.1
*The values in the brackets are for checker bricks, handmade bricks and some special shape bricks.* Above information only as optional index*Special product technique requirements should be confirmed by supply and requisitioning parties.

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