Magnesia Brick

  • Magnesia Brick

Product Description And Parameters

Main Composition:MgO

Application:Various kinds of industrial kiln

Size:As your requirements


Capacity:1000 tons per month

Magnesia bricks are alkali-resistant materials with good fire resistance and corrosion resistance, and strong resistance to alkali slag. The refractoriness of magnesia brick is above 2000℃. Magnesia bricks are widely used in inspection rooms of glass jars, lime kilns, non-ferrous metallurgical furnaces, open-air furnaces, iron stirrers and electric arc furnaces.

1.High refractoriness, usually refractoriness above 2000℃.
2. High refractoriness under load.
3. Excellent slag wear resistance and higher bulk density.
4. Lower apparent porosity and lower impurity content.

Magnesia Brick is mainly used for furnace lining, furnace bottom and furnace wall, oxygen converter permanent lining, non-ferrous metal smelting furnace, high temperature tunnel kiln, calcined magnesia and cement rotary kiln lining, furnace bottom and furnace wall, glass furnace regenerative lattice Bricks, etc.

Item MD92 MD95 MD97 MD98
Composition(%) MgO 92 95 97 97.5
CaO 2.5 2.0 1.6 1.2
SiO2 3.5 2.5 1.2 0.6
Bulk Density(g/cm3) 2.90 2.95 3.00 3.00
Refractoriness Under Load T2 (ºC) 1550 1650 1700 1700
Apparent Porosity (%) 18 16 15 15
Cold Crushing Strength(MPa) 55 60 70 80
Thermal Shock Resistance 950ºC  air cool (times) 10 10 10 10

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