Alkali Resistant Brick

  • Alkali Resistant Brick

Product Description And Parameters

Bulk density stability

Good anti-erosion character

Superior penetration resistance

Good slag resistant

Anti-alkali brick is made of silica, flint clay, combing with other additives reacting with alkaline oxide and efficiently stopping the alkaline slags into the bricks, to achieve the alkali resistance.

1. Bulk density stability
2. good anti-erosion character
3. superior penetration resistance.
4. good slag resistant

Application:Alkali-resisting bricks are widely used in the cement kilns, such as the areas of preheater, precalciner, and tertiary air duct elbow, ect. The demand amount can be max 30~40% during constructing these areas of kilns.

Iterm Indicators
MgO% 85
Fe2O3%   5-7.5
Al2O3%   3-5
SiO2% 2
Bulk Density   (g/cm3) 3
Apparent Porosity  %  17
Cold Crushing Strength (Mpa) 45
Refractoriness under Load T0.6 (℃) 1600
Thermal shock resistance(1100℃ water quenching,cycle) 6
Thermal conductivity coefficienW/m.k 2.6

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