Silica Mullite Bricks

  • Silica Mullite Bricks

Product Description And Parameters

High strength wear resistant seismic stability is good

Good thermal seismic stability

Silica mullite brick is characterized by high strength wear resistant seismic stability is good, in the use of the rotary kiln has achieved good using effect, in the calcining zone and transition zone of cement rotary kiln life is better than that of spinel brick, the main reason is that spinel brick in use because the alkali erosion and erosion period of belt, hot surface crack and spalling and accelerate damage.The dense structure of the bricks, the stability of mullite and SiC crystals, and the continuous dense layer of SiO2 formed on the brick surface prevent the erosion of gas and melt.The thermal conductivity and thermal expansion coefficient of SiC are high, and the thermal seismic stability of the products is good.These performance characteristics make the silicon brick is not easy to fracture and spalling, and because the thermal conductivity is lower than the magnesium material, so that the cylinder heat is not too high, which not only ensures the normal operation of the rotary kiln cylinder, but also saves fuel.

Another characteristic of silica mullite brick is that it will produce a small expansion during use. The test result is about 0.45%, which is beneficial to improve the close combination between cylinder and brick and between brick and brick, and has good volume stability.However, attention should be paid to the preservation of thermal expansion joints during masonry. Generally, 1 ring of 3mm cardboard should be added for every 0.6m to 1M in the axial direction, that is, 3 to 5 ring bricks, and 3mm cardboard should be added for every 15 pieces of radial brick rings.

In addition, the performance of silica mullite is also obviously better than the anti-spalling high-alumina brick and phosphate high-alumina brick with better wear resistance, so it can produce a variety of grades, through the choice of cost performance, used in different sections of the belt, in the rotary kiln is expanding the scope of use.

Item Silica mullite bricks
AZM-1550 AZS-1650 AZSM-1680
Al2O3 % 65 63 60
SiO2 %≤ 18 20
Apparent Porosity % 20 20 21
Bulk Density g/cm3 ≥ 2.50 2.55 2.6
Crushing Strength C.C.S MPa ≥ 80 90 95

0.2MPa Refractoriness under load  R.U.L ℃ T0.6 ≥

1550 1650 1680
Refractoriness ℃ 1790 1790 1790

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