Fused Cast High Zirconia Bricks

  • Fused Cast High Zirconia Bricks

Product Description And Parameters

Main Composition:zircon

Application:glass making industry

Capacity:1000 tons per month

Size : As your requirements

The series of HT-Fused cast high zirconia brick is fused cast high zirconia refractories which are specially designed refractory for glass furnace application. Fused cast high zirconia brick is made of artificial synthesis high purity raw materials through special casting process. The crystalline texture consists of baddeleyite and with the characteristics of excellent high temperature & corrosion resistance, low blister and stoning potential. These advantages can prevent liquid glass from pollution effectively.

Features of fused cast high zirconia brick
Excellent high temperature & corrosion resistance
Low blister and stoning potential
High purity raw materials
Wide application in glass industry,ceramic fiber industry and construction field,etc.

Application field of fused cast high zirconia brick

1.Fused cast high zirconia brick has wide application in a wide range of super high temperature furnaces and kilns in military industry,science research, high melting point Metallurgical, laser crystal and electronic,etc.
2.For high quality and special glass furnaces such as TV glass, Borosilicate glass, Alumina silicate glass, Halogen lighting glass, Opal glass and Fiber glass.
3.Fused cast high zirconia brick mainly consists of HT-Z88-WS and HT-Z95-WS, and are used in sidewall, throat cover, throat support, electrode brick, dam brick parts.

Item TY-Z88-WS TY-Z95-WS
Chemical Composition % ZrO2 89.00 93.60
SiO2 9.00 5.30
Al2O3 1.00 1.00
Na2O 0.05 0.51
Others 1.60 1.0
Mineral Composition % Baddeleyite Typical 89 94
Glass Phase 11 6
Physical Properties Cold Crushing Strength (MPa) 400 400
Bulk Density (g/cm³) Typical 5.10 5.30
Liner Thermal Expansion (%) 1000℃ 0.65 0.70
1500℃ 0.10 0.30

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